Why Church?

For many, going to church is a frightening prospect accompanied with feelings of discomfort and dread. What will it be like? How will I be treated? Will this be a waste of my time? Yet for others, going to church is a joyful experience of worshipping God, spending time with a loving spiritual family and growing in faith. We want this to be your experience, and so at Oaks Bible Church we try very hard to make your church experience a welcoming, comfortable, informative and stimulating experience.

We want you to experience God and meet others like yourself, who have come to learn more about God and how they can better live their lives for Him. Hopefully, there are no pretenses made, no putting on of airs or posturing - but simply a sincere and transparent effort to love and be loved. We come needing to empty ourselves and be filled with the spirit of truth and love, the Almighty God of the universe.

At Oaks, we each are on a spiritual journey to know more about Jesus Christ, grow in our faith and find opportunities to put our faith into action. If this is your desire, say “take me to church” - to Oaks Bible Church. Put aside your doubts and excuses and we’ll do the best we can to make you glad you came - and while we’re at it, point you to the One truly worthy of your visit!