The Vivanco Family

Ministering in Chiconautla, Mexico (NE of Mexico City)

Point person Gayle Kopitzke. Let her know of your availability and interest

Some ways that you can be involved:

  1. Adopt a member of the Vivanco family to write to, remember birthdays and learn of needs.
  2. Adopt a lead family of the church and bless them with prayer, communication and meeting their needs.
  3. Join the Oaks Missionary Team to visit the Vivancos for a ministry week this summer.
  4. Minister to the needs of Laura’s parents who live in Carpinteria.
  5. Give to help the financial needs of the Vivanco ministry to Chiconautla.

Mission To Mexico

Mar 11 is the deadline for the confirmation of your being a member of our mission team to the Vivancos in Mexico, August 11-18.

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