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Sun Mar 18

Sunday Service

Worship Team Led by Pastor Craig
Gideons Presentation by Hank Aizpuru
Body Life and Communion Led by Pastor David
Bible Message by Pastor Craig

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Missions Team Meeting

After The Service in The Kitchen Area

If you have a special heart for our missionaries, we invite you to join us for a brief meeting and consider joining our team

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Tue Mar 20

Worship Team

Vocals Rehearsal at Crawshaw Home


Pastor David’s - Do The Stuff

Practical Christianity at The Church Kitchen

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Wed Mar 21

Feeding The Homeless at The Rescue Mission

With Pastor David


Connection Group

At The Gomez Home

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Thu Mar 22

ROOTS (Students)

At The Lien Home


Connection Group

At The Brown Home

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Sun Mar 25 10am


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Tue Mar 27 6:30pm

Worship Team Rehearsal For Easter Sunday

At The Crawshaw Home

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Thu Mar 29 7pm

Maundy Thursday Seder Meal (sign-up)

The night before Jesus was crucified, he shared the Passover Seder meal with His disciples and gave a “triple mandate” (Maundy = mandate): (1) Serve others as I have served you in footwashing, (2) Take the memorial bread and cup often to remember Me, (3) Love one another as I have loved you. On Thursday, March 29, at 7 pm at the church we will sit down to a teaching Seder meal led by Rev. Warren Simendle who is a Christian Gentile who follows the Jewish traditions. He will teach us how the Seder teaches about the mandates of Jesus. PLEASE SIGN UP today in the lobby, or by email to Dale Koptitze.

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Sun Apr 1 10am

Easter Sunday

The Easter Story With Choruses

Our Easter service will feature a full worship team leading in songs of the cross and resurrection as we read through the Biblical story of Jesus’ last days on earth and the resurrection account as a church body. Pastor David will bring a resurrection message from our study in 1 Corinthians, perfect for seekers. Bring a friend to Easter service at Oaks!

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Mon Apr 2 7pm

Council Meeting

At The Gaither Home

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Tue Apr 3 7pm

Can We Talk

Prep meeting at church

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Sun Apr 8 3pm

Can We Talk With Jews?

Interfaith Encounter at B'nai B'rith Temple

Wow – what an opportunity! Rabbi Cohen of B’nai B’rith Jewish Temple has invited our church to join theirs to share our similarities and differences in an effort to better understand and appreciate one another. We are calling it: “Jews and Evangelical Christians – Can We Talk?” This informal get-together will happen at their Temple on April 8 at 3 pm. We will hold a meeting on the Tuesday previous to prepare for this encounter, which we strongly recommend you attend in order to participate.

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