The Vivancos Chiconautla Mexico

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Manuel and Laura pastor the Bethlehem Baptist Church in an impoverished suburb of Mexico City under the umbrella of United World Mission. They have helped grow the church to the largest evangelical voice in their community. Their church has helped launch a number of satellite churches in surrounding areas. Manuel is also the current president of their region (40 churches) of the Mexican Regional Baptist Convention… more

The Vivanco's are missionaries we support in Chiconautla Mexico. They were at church on 4.28.2019 and gave us an update as to all the wonderful things that God is doing for them in Mexico.

The Oggs Papau New Guinea


David and Shari are church planters and Bible translators (with Ethnos360) to the Simbari people of Papua New Guinea. We are privileged to help them "finish strong" in their life-long commitment to help this people group know of Jesus their Savior.

The Lockwoods Germany

Ron and Michelle are missionaries living in Germany. Ron aids the Bible translation team specializing in new technology and ways to bring the Word to the people in their own heart language. Michelle is presently an online life coach to those who desire to grow in their leadership skills as Christians.

The Staits Washington D.C.

John is a former U.S. Senate staff member. As Assistant to the Chaplain, United States Senate, he got involved with helping National Legislators, State Legislators and County Commissioners. He helps them with coming to faith and expressing their faith through Prayer Breakfast meetings. As a Navigator staff, he continues those growing efforts.

Sandy sings at State Legislator and County Commissioners Conventions. The Staits have made friends at the highest levels of government. Their newsletters include testimonies of legislators.

Julie San Diego California

Julie Day Harbor has a passion for helping college students find their way to Jesus. She is on staff with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship serving at San Diego State. Her current assignment is with intercultural students developing leadership. She plans and leads many conferences that help students discover Jesus as Lord and grow in their faith.

Betsy Santa Barbara California

Betsy Gray heads up Santa Barbara Network Medical Center, reaching out to those who are in crisis of pregnancy and are abortion-minded. Through a fully accredited nursing staff, top medical equipment and loving personal interaction she and her staff point both potential mothers and fathers to the options of adoption or raising of their own child. Hundreds of baby have been saved by Betsy and her Network Medical staff.

Cyndi Santa Barbara California


Cyndi Struven Child Evangelism

Dan Santa Barbara California

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Dan Gaither Head Chaplain Santa Barbara County Jail